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Hello, I’am Connor Steinbrook. CEO and Founder of Investor Army

CEO of Investor Army, Connor Steinbrook, changed his life in just a few short years investing in real estate.

He went from facing bankruptcy to building a multi-million dollar company in just 3 years….a very long 3 years.

Connor has decided to, and is now sharing what he learned from his struggle, to help quickly turn around new investors businesses, by giving back as he shares what he learned from his failures in his own business.

Carrot Can Help You Generate More Leads Online



Come learn about Connor Steinbrook and why he created the Investor Army. Learn about how he struggled and change his life with real estate investing in just a few years and how he believes it is possible for anyone to do the same…

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Cash Buyers

Sell your properties faster with our simple Property Listing Engine and build a more powerful cash property buyer list.

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Rent to Own Tenants

Fill your rent to own / lease purchase houses faster with our Rent To Own Tenant Buyer websites.

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Company Credibility

Our websites give you a proven effective framework to build credibility online and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward every time.

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Proprietary Methodologies

All of our websites in the Carrot software are built with our proprietary Carrot Conversion methodologies built right in.

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And More!

We create software, training, and amazing client experiences so you can grow your business online… whether you’re flipping houses and need buyers and sellers, a note or land investor, rent to own investor, or even hard money lender.

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Learn about our 1 on 1 mentoring with Connor Steinbrook himself. When Connor is not doing deals or traveling the country speaking in different cities he is helping a select few new investors every year to mentor and train them on how to be successful in real estate investing with his 12 weeks direct to you mentoring course.

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Let Us Hear What They Say

Hear what some of Connor’s student’s have to say about Investor Army and the training they have received. Connor gives a chance for his students around the country to share their story and talk about their experience after joining Investor Army.

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Know All Of The Investor Army Sponsors

Here you can get to know all of the Investor Army sponsors. Investor army has aligned themselves with reputable companies across the country that can help add value to you in any number of ways. They are among the nation’s leading experts in their selective filedds and can help you grow your business. Please feel free to reach out any of our sponsors and let them know we sent you!!!!

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The Story Of Our Company

If you have comments and questions you can reach us here. You can contact us by calling, texting,email, or opting into the submission box for a more detailed break down of what you need assistance with. We will get back to you as quickly as possible!!!

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