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Our students are our friends…..I just want to personally thank all of my friends for working hard and chasing your goals everyday!!!!

Check out what real estate investor’s from all around the country are saying about their experience with the following testimonial videos….. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!


Thank you Connor!!


Romie… someone who I truly enjoyed working with and I love her personality. She was close to following through with a large training company she had signed up for a trial period and was on the fence. After discussing the pros and cons and hearing the typical result investors have going through a big national company with hired coaches she decided it was better to work directly one on one with an actual deal maker instead of a hired coach. This was a smart decision. Within a month or so she had her first house under contract. I know with her energy and the belief in herself she will continue on to be successful in real estate.

Omar Testimonial


Omar is an individual I have been working with out of the Twin Cities area in Minneapolis, MN.  Omar is doing traditional real estate with his license listing houses but is also an investor whose main focus was rehabbing houses. He wanted to learn how to do wholesaling and was very interested in JV wholesaling. Within a month he worked hard and was able to close his first JV wholesale deal of almost $5,000.  Omar is a talented investor, a great family man, and someone I like to call my friend now. Congrats Omar!!!!

Sell My House Fast Dallas Fort Worth

Brian Patrick

Brian deserves a big round of applause for working hard and not giving up…..he was able to close his first real wholesale of $13,000.  How many of you would like to get a check for that kind of money for selling a house that you never even owned. I helped Brian do what we called an assignment of contract where he contracted the house and sold the option to buy the house for $13,000 to another investor just a day later.  Great job Brian….like we always say… and time for another one!!!

Tim Portner Testimonial

Tim Portner

​Tim is a young entrepreneur who is growing not only as a business owner but a person and I am proud of seeing his progress on the way his perspective is changing. He has taken to self-development and life long learning which is the cornerstone of being successful as a real estate entrepreneur. Over the next few years it is going to be exciting to watch him grow his business and as a person.