Connor speaks all around the country and even outside the country on this strategy he calls virtual wholesaling that the biggest companies in the country keep quiet and don’t want you to know about.

We are finishing out the final touches on the FIRST EVER home study course/evolving membership site on how to do……Virtual Wholesaling!!!!

Connor teaches how he went from being almost bankrupt using this strategy with no money left and was able to bridge his way into rehabbing houses and holding properties for rent or owner finance and changing his life in just a few short years.

Anyone can do this if they take the time to learn how….

Connor Does And Teaches 4 Different Types Of Wholesaling
In His Own Personal Business… This Virtual Wholesaling Program Contains Around 60 Videos And Additional Videos Will Be Added From Time To Time.


       20 Videos On How To Build A Buyer’s List 
      4 Videos On 4 Wholesaling Strategies
     10 Videos On How I Find virtual wholesaling Partners
      4 Videos On How To Negotiate
      Videos On How To Find Motivated Sellers
      Videos On My Step By Step Sales Process To Sell My Wholesale Deals
      Plus 5 Bonus Videos


In the upcoming course he has over 50+ videos teaching
you exactly how to do the following….

Buy and sell houses you will never physically go to, from homeowners you will never met in person, never meeting the buyers either, you will not visit the property showings because your not a real estate agent your an investor, you never go to closings because we are assigning contracts, how you spend no time and money marketing for deals because you have virtual wholesaling partners bring them to you, no earnest money, and putting in less the 5 hours per deal and making anywhere from $2500 – $20,000 per deal, and the whole process takes 7-14 days on average.

There will be extra marketing resources like templates ads and mailers as well as guest podcast and coach videos from some of the biggest name investors in the country.

From our research this is the FIRST EVER program to ever be created like it and it will be available soon….

The purchase price will be a ONE-TIME permanent
membership fee of $500.

For those who know Connor and and have followed him on social media and trust he will under-promise and over-deliver we are pre-selling the program for the next month or so and for anyone willing to take action NOW and show you are serious and willing to take action and believe in yourself you will get a special discount down to…..$299.